Bradley School—New London Regional, Inclement Weather Policy

In the Event of Inclement Weather

The Bradley School – New London Regional will close in accordance with the school closing announcements for the town of Uncasville. Please monitor the school closing announcements on local television stations or web sites to stay informed about when the school will be closed.

Other Bradley School Locations

Each Bradley School location will post school closings to these outlets under "Private School Closures" if they are to be closed due to inclement weather conditions. Please make sure to note the Bradley School location that is closed, because some locations may be open when others are not. Note that any days the school is closed will be made up later in the school year.

Early Dismissal

There are times, often in anticipation of approaching bad weather, when school districts send buses early to pick up students from school. Parents are encouraged to listen to local radio stations for notice of early dismissal. We will send students home on the school bus for early dismissal, unless a parent arrives to pick up the child before the bus arrives.


The Bradley School will not have delayed opening times due to inclement weather; however, please watch for any delays in transportation within your home district, because these will affect the time when your child is picked up to be brought to school.