College and Career Readiness

At the Bradley Schools, college and career readiness is one of our top priorities. Our goal is to provide an academic learning environment in which all our students, ages 14-21, develop the knowledge and skills to support their search for education and employment in the future.

Within our transition education programming, students are provided with opportunities to utilize their strengths, abilities, and career interests to develop an individualized plan which targets necessary skills and training.

Career readiness programming begins with an assessment process to gather information about the individual student’s future interests. The special educator then uses these interests to tailor the transition experience and creates individualized benchmarks for the students to achieve educational and career goals.

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Community members visit our schools, offering information and presentations about their professions and occupations. These visits provide our students with career exploration opportunities.  Our students participate in tours of local businesses that are directly correlated to the specific career interests that they have identified.

Once a student has developed a strong interest and potential direction for career exploration, tailored instruction is implemented. Our students are provided school-based opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue their careers of interest through instruction, trial opportunities, and hands-on learning. Self-advocacy training is also provided so students are fully equipped to understand their strengths and challenges. 

Bradley Schools offers a College and Career Readiness curriculum.

Education for career readiness offers assessment, instruction, training and career-related experiences for all our students. Along with this transition-focused education, classroom instruction is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and meets district course and credit requirements. Some of our classrooms and school programs offer rotating class schedules as well as individualized work spaces to promote independence and prepare students for future education and work-based opportunities.

Through a combination of all the factors involved in this process, our students begin to demonstrate readiness skills appropriate for the community. The next step is to create an opportunity for job training in local community placements.

Job placement exposes our students to numerous, varied aspects of the career interest they have selected, such as job settings, meeting employees, trialing tasks, and undertaking work assignments.  Some examples of these experiences include sorting, cleaning, packaging, labeling, copying, stocking shelves, and entering data into computer systems.    

Within these work sites, our students have opportunities to develop the necessary skills to meet their individual needs. Embedded support and additional instruction, mentoring, soft skill development, and coaching are provided to foster employable life skill development and self-advocacy.

Two seniors, who are training in a specialty foods company, recently shared: "Having this job, I feel like I’m part of society” and “I want to work here for the rest of my life.” Another student, in his junior year of high school, is training at a local gas station and said, “This isn't enough time; I want to ask for more hours.”

Over time, we have developed strong relationships with many companies.  Some of our students participate in ongoing vocational job placements within these local businesses. These partnerships not only support our students, they support the businesses as well. One local consignment shop recently shared this thought:  “This is the first time in the eight months that we have been opened that we are 100 percent all caught up and on top of everything."   

This isn't enough time; I want to ask for more hours.

Bradley Schools student

"I am committed to creating tailored career-related experiences so that our students can become engaged members of society, working in careers they love!"
- Jessica Drinkwater, career readiness coordinator

Our college readiness programming provides students with educational experiences to prepare for secondary education. Through curriculum design and instruction, students research the procedures involved in the academic route by researching business schools and trade schools, colleges, requirements and facets of programs, financial aid and entrance exams.

Students make campus visits and tour local colleges and business schools.  They meet with counselors and advisors to gain knowledge of support and accommodations available in specific programs. Our students also have the opportunity to listen to other students with similar learning profiles, who share personal experiences and successes of their first year of college.

"Having this job, I feel like I’m part of society."
"I want to work here for the rest of my life."
- Bradley Schools students

Ultimately, we strive to provide our students with an enriched educational foundation so they will be experienced, ready, and able to succeed upon entering the working world.  As Jessica Drinkwater, career readiness coordinator, states:

“My motivation is to help our students build a strong stairway to successfully climb into their future careers. I am committed to creating tailored career-related experiences so that our students can become engaged members of society, working in careers they love!”

This is the first time in the eight months that we have been opened that we are 100 percent all caught up and on top of everything.

Local shop which provides training for Bradley Schools students